Real people are destined to be hated and unappreciated by fools. There are people that will never appreciate anything you do not say regardless of your efforts. They are out to make your life as miserable as they can. They are never happy and can’t stand to see you happy. I call them “joy killers”. 
Today, i heard someone say something to a friend over the phone, “It’s not about who is real to your face, it’s about who stays real behind your back” and it hit me, we can never know the people who stay real to us at our back cos most of the time they are pretending to be real. I feel sad when i see people apologizing for doing what they love and have passion for, it’s equivalent to apologizing for being who they are. If you can’t be real to yourself, don’t expect people to be real to you. Some people are good at seeing through others, they can decipher the real ones from the fake ones. Always make sure your actions match your word at all times.
Life’s not about the people who act true to your face. It’s about the people who remain true behind your back. The truth is even a fake person will make a mistake and act like it never happened, a REAL person will make a mistake, admit it and apologize regardless of the outcome! The question is how real are we? You can’t give what you don’t have neither can you loose what you never had. Most of us spend our life time pleasing others, pretending to be happy when we are not, smile when we ought to cry, run when we should walk etc. We are so scared of being real, of being who we want to be because our intends always get misjudged and misinterpreted. Should we allow that to define us? No. We need to forget what we’ve heard, recognize what we see..Stand up to it or embrace it.

I don’t see any reason why we should fake ourselves just to look perfect because at the end of the day, perfection is never real and Reality is never Perfect!. I choose to be me, not who others choose to see. Speak the truth, even if your voice ends up shaking. Let your heart, life and around shine around your friends including before the haters, even if it seems like just a flicker sometimes. We need to stop looking for the society to give us permission to be ourselves. #Be real…Be you.
Remember a spark can ignite a very big bonfire. Keep it 100 at all times  I’m talking faith, trust, and loyalty.



Let’s just forgive!

Life has been very tough and there are people I wanted to forget, emotional traumas to mend, and memories of friendship to bury 6 feet under. I am not a lover of vengeance yet there are circumstances that would lead me to believe in its scornful power. I just don’t know how to seek revenge.

I grew up having some attachment issues to deal with but I was able to manage it out of my system. I was able to let go of people and yet preserve those good memories with them. That’s a good exercise for the heart.

The truth is I am tired of this cycle – tired of being someone’s mistake. Their wrong perceptions and false accusations about me have become my spiritual downfall.  Why? What have I done to these people? I am not supposed to be petrified of their misjudgement (especially when they are not real) but I care too much that I allowed them to break me.

People do change – but why am I involved in their own issues? Some people will never understand how I live my life and why I kept loving and trusting these wrong people. Should I retract when they hurt me? Should I hide from my own truth? Who holds the truth? I believe there is a God who knows every detail of my journey. I trust His plans for me and there is a reason why some friendships don’t last a lifetime. But there is nothing more painful than being betrayed by the person you really trust. Isn’t it unfair? that some people would go against their sanity and create a monster image of me in their minds. How am I supposed to defend myself? I wonder what to do with these people. I know goodness will prevail and I am waiting for that day – waiting for that moment that the Holy Spirit will touch their hearts. However, I need to let go of them, not that I despise them, but out of my great respect for the wonderful times we had. It’s a waste of time to hate and I can let go of it easily.

Right now I feel like running away – away from this terrible world, away from all social-media dramas and just be productive most of the time.  There is love when you forgive. There may be some limitations to it – you forgive, you let them go, but never allow the behaviour of others to affect your inner peace. Stop blaming yourself for their unwarranted character instead move forward and learn from that experience. Keep praying and meditating for yourself, for others, for the people around you, and for your future relationships. Allow peace to reside in your heart and pull out forgiveness when you need to.

© Whimsicalthoughtblog

Giving up! ‘it’s never an option.’

Have you ever felt like giving up?

Just throwing in the towel and end it all?
Have you ever felt like giving up on what you want? For fear of being rejected when you ask?
Have you ever tried your hardest, believing that great things will happen, only to be surrounded with doubts?
So, what next?
Do you just give up?

People give up so fast because they tend to look at how far they still have to go, instead of how far they have gone.
They say, Its hard to give up on something you’ve always wanted,
But what if you’ve tried all you can?
And you can’t seem to figure it out?
What do you do?
Give up?

Do you feel like you are being suffocated and can’t breathe?
Well, guess what? The very battle you are waging right now is setting you up for the biggest victory of your life.
Don’t give up.
Don’t walk away just yet!

I have thought about packing up my suitcase and just leave,
Get on the bus, and go far away.
I thought that would solve everything,
But I was wrong.
Sometimes, the only thing left to do is to let go even if it’s the hardest thing to do.
I just couldn’t do it,
I just couldn’t give up.

I discovered that, every person can become what they want to become, it’s just that some give up too soon.
Some people are so quick to give up, especially when they’re almost there.
Nobody said life was going to be easy but that doesn’t mean you should give up.

It’s going to get harder before it gets easier but it will surely get better.
We all got to make it through the hard stuff first.

Now, Instead of looking at the hundred reasons to quit,
Look at the thousand reasons not to give up.
And be at peace with that.
Just Do It….


ALONE – ‘its a feeling’

I should start by saying that being alone and feeling lonely are separated by one thing: your perception of the situation. Which, of course, can be changed, but most of the times is a subconscious decision that appears to be out of your control.

My own loneliness is a contradictory issue. I have to be alone, I need to be alone, and I love being alone. I can write, I can enjoy the silence for longer periods of time than almost anyone else I ever met. I can only find myself when I am all alone in a silent room. I go out with people, act silly and whatnot for a couple of hours, all the while longing to go back home and be all by myself. I’ve been at parties and wanted nothing more than to go home, where there’s no one waiting but the hope of finding myself again.

It feels like that: as if I am losing myself in the crowd. I am losing myself in the minds of other people.

But I also hate having only myself to come home to. I hate my own company, so to speak. I feel restless, insecure, and sad.

Truth be told, I wouldn’t have written a single word if I hadn’t felt lonely. Different. Unique in a “there’s a big wall between you and the rest of the world” sense of way. Some days I hate that about me. Some days I think it’s the best damn thing in the world. A true blessing. Some days I feel as if me being alone to write, me being able to be alone to write, is the most wonderful thing in the world. And I am happy and ecstatic to do nothing other than to write. Other days… I feel as if it’s all a necessary sacrifice; and there’s nothing noble about it either. It’s just something that I had to do, because I was too scared to do anything else.

One of the many things we don’t like to talk about is the fact that most of the time our feelings are out of our control. Because you are aware. You are staring out the window at the rain. There’s nothing else to do, and the fact that you are aware changes nothing. I am aware of how I feel, I am rationally aware (and intrigued in a way) of the fact that I shouldn’t feel the way that I do about what I am seeing out the window.

But I feel that way regardless of what I am aware of.

That makes us human. Our ability to feel. And our ability to rationalize, to dissect out thoughts and feelings like no other creature before us.

At the beginning of this post I wrote that our perception is the only thing that makes a difference between being alone and feeling lonely. I can only tell you about the way I perceive things when I feel lonely: I hate myself. Simple as that. I am self-conscious to such an extent that it makes me loathe almost everything about me. So I do feel lonely in a crowded place, among friends or family, or when I am all by myself. I hate my own company, even though I am, to a certain extent, aware of the fact that people feel and think otherwise. And when I feel that, there’s nothing they can say or do that can make me change how I feel.

Of course, I also feel the exact opposite. I find myself to be good company to others, I find myself to be good company to my own self. I feel great. And it’s like I am different person then.

That is the simple and heartbreaking truth of our existence: we don’t get to choose how we feel.

What I’m really trying to say is this: there’s no point in fighting it. What you feel. There’s no point in denying it either. It just doesn’t work that way. You have to accept it. I feel the way that I feel, and it’s going to last for as long as it has to.

Staring out the window at the rain… it might seem as if the sun will never come out again.

But it does. Sooner or later. It does. Always

It feels amazing

It feels good… when you realize that your whole life, whatever you did, was a big lie and you don’t have to do it anymore..!!

It feels good… when you’re lying on the grass with someone really close gazing at the sky for hours..!!

It feels good… when you, for the first time, forget about your past and your future and suddenly realise you’ve found peace within yourself for that moment and that is precious for you..!!

It feels good… when you realize that life is more than just finding love, being in relationship or getting married (For me, at times it’s just being my own self for a while)..!!

It feels good… when you finally believe in yourself, realising that you’re not bothered by the false interpretation of the world..!!

It feels good… to take a walk along a beach and feel that fresh, moisturous breeze against your skin and realize you’re not dead yet, there’s still hope residing inside you..!!

It feels good… to perform a good deed like helping the poor, feeding the hungry..!!

It feels good… to watch the innocence of an infant..!!

It feels good… when you’re ready to sell your soul to devil for just a single mesmerising smile on your loved one’s face..!!

It feels good… to lay down on your bed for sleep without any worries, and you don’t have to think about tomorrow..!!

It feels good… to wake up next to someone you wanna spend your whole life with..!!

It feels good… when you realise that the whole universe is within you and you are the whole universe..!! (At least for your own self)

It feels good… when you realise why you were actually born, why you were sent to this planet..!! (There’s still something you need to fulfill)

It’s pretty amazing to feel things deeply, no matter how pleasant or bizarre they are..!!

It feels good… when you realise that you’re not here for yourself but to help others, to show them the correct path, to lead their conscience to salvation..!!

& it Actually Feels Good to be your own self for a period of time!!!

© Hardik

That is living.

Think, speak, what you like

There is no one who needs to be satisfied

Do not be like a leaf, moved here and there by the wind

Cry, fight, laugh till you have lost your very self

Love, suffer, endure, like there is no tomorrow

That is living

Dream of that which was ours

Ardent love kindled as flames of passion

Beauty of freshness a silent imagining

Hold on to your cravings, let them get ignited

Or dampened like the waves, that crashed on the way

That is living

Always keep walking straight ahead

Even if you have to suffer endlessly

Be like a rock, unaffected by gales and storms

And sometimes you win, sometimes you lose

A roller-coaster ride that is for sure………….

That is living


live life to the fullest, make a difference along the way.


Hi. I’m back. Did you think you would get rid of me so easily? Think again. 

I’ll keep hiding behind your smile, lurking beneath your laughter, smirking as you think I’m gone.

I’ll crawl into the innermost secrets in your mind, and release it all again and again for you to drown in.

You are mine, and I will not let go of you.

I will ruin your will to live. I will make you disinterested with everything you used to love. I will drag you down to the depths of darkness where no one will find you.

I will destroy you.

And people won’t know what hit you. ‘Cause I’ll always be unseen.


What if depression was a person? Would we know how to avoid him? Would we know how to recognize him? Or her?

Would we listen to depression’s lies that we’re not good enough? Would we let it punch us in the face repeatedly with past hurts? Would we let it win?

We shouldn’t, and you won’t.

You’re here today because you’re stronger than what you think.

You are more capable than what you have been led to believe.

Depression speaks, but you will not listen. Not this time. Not anymore.

You will overcome.